Analyse: Data processing and software services

Omic Analytics have expertise for processing multiple types of omics data, taking raw data, through QC procedures, to quantified molecules with statistical significance, using the latest open source and commercial software.

Data processing

Starting with raw data, we can provide QC, normalisation and post-QC processing services tailored to the requirements of your study. This includes assessment and correction of batch effects caused by unwanted technological and experimental factors.

Data analysis

The vast array of analysis platforms, knowledge bases and statistical pipelines that are available can make deciding on the optimum analysis strategy a major challenge of omics study design. Omic Analytics data scientists can analyse and interpret omics data using the most up-to-date, technology independent analysis pipelines. This includes detailed exploration of the data in terms of pathway activity, biological functions, similarities to drug response, overlap with disease traits and correlation with clinical data. We offer the flexibility and peace of mind that the analysis will directly tackle the key questions central to the study.

Software development

In a variety of scenarios, the current off the shelf commercial or open source software is not sufficient for your specific data analysis needs. We have expertise in the development of custom analytical software, delivered via intuitive graphical interfaces for the desktop or cloud.

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