We provide powerful capabilities for complete omics analytical pipelines, including next-generation sequencing and mass spectrometry for biomolecular analysis, through project design, data generation, analytics and knowledge extraction. We also specialise in the design and construction of omics software for data analysis and knowledge management.


The company was founded by academics from the University of Liverpool.

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Andy Jones

Andy Jones is a Professor of bioinformatics, with particular interest in the development of new approaches and software for interpreting omics data. His research group has built several popular packages for proteomics data analysis, some of which are now being commercialised via Omic Analytics. He also has a strong interest in mechanisms for analysis and integration of multi-omics (genomics, proteomics and metabolomics), workflow software and cloud-based solutions. Lastly, he has expertise around databases, data curation, knowledge management and data standards - for example playing a leading role in the Proteomics Standards Initiative for many years.

Francesco Falciani

Francesco is Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool. After a postdoc in Genetics at the University of Cambridge he started his career as Bioinformatics group leader in Glaxo Wellcome where he was responsible for the development of data mining tools for the analysis of functional genomics data. Later he moved to Lorantis as Head of Target Discovery where he was responsible for the identification of molecular targets in the area of inflammation. As an academic Francesco is interested in developing novel computational approaches in systems biology, their application to complex biological systems and the integration of complex datasets spanning different levels of biological complexity. Projects in Francesco's research group range from modelling the effect of pollutants in the environment to cancer and ageing.

John Jones

CFO and Company Secretary: John Jones is a former public company finance director and company secretary for 25 years (£200m turnover), now supporting businesses in early stages of development

Andrew Collins

Andrew is a research software engineer and lead developer of Proteolabels.

Tony McCabe

Tony is a research software engineer developing new solutions and working on Proteolabels.